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The page collects documentaries and serves as the visual extension of the crvx. archive.
All videos are uploaded to YouTube and can be publicly accessed there too.

See the list below for all entries in chronological order.

crvx. movie VIII (2022)
Thorsten Soltau
An End. And One Another. (The Vault, Arnhem 2022)

A documentary about „An End. And One Another.“, audio installation piece by Thorsten Soltau.
The composition is part of „The Vault“ from 30th April–22nd May 2022 at Gallery De Groen, Arnhem (The Netherlands).

More information here.

crvx. movie VII (2021)
Various Artists
Vinyl Fest / 5 Jaar Morbus Gravis Music Space w/ concerts

A short documentary about the festivities of 5 Jaar Morbus Gravis Music Space in Antwerp.

Embedded in a vinyl fest at 14th November 2021 at Plein Magazijn, Monger presents five artists closely associated with Morbus Gravis: Oubys, Bjorn Eriksson, Sjoerd Bruil & Nicolas Rombouts, Eric von Stroheim, Philippe van Wolputte, 9 En ½ and Thorsten Soltau.

crvx. movie I (2021)
Thorsten Soltau
Diligence And Tendency

A short documentary about Thorsten Soltau, narrated by himself.
Here he talks about the origins of his interest in electronic music, the development of his compositions and the importance of small studio spaces. The movie features several original compositions from archive and unreleased cues of recent works.