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The page collects videos serving as an extension of the crvx. archive.
All videos and clips are uploaded to YouTube and can be publicly accessed there too.

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crvx. movie VII (2021)
Various Artists
Vinyl Fest / 5 Jaar Morbus Gravis Music Space w/ concerts

A short documentary about the festivities of 5 Jaar Morbus Gravis Music Space in Antwerp.

Embedded in a vinyl fest at 14th November 2021 at Plein Magazijn, Monger presents five artists closely associated with Morbus Gravis: Oubys, Bjorn Eriksson, Sjoerd Bruil & Nicolas Rombouts, Eric von Stroheim, Philippe van Wolputte, 9 En ½ and Thorsten Soltau.

crvx. movie I (2021)
Thorsten Soltau
Diligence And Tendency

A short documentary about Thorsten Soltau, narrated by himself. Here he talks about the origins of his interest in electronic music, the development of his compositions and the importance of small studio spaces.
The movie features several original compositions from archive and unreleased cues of recent works.

musical improvisations.

crvx. movie IX (2022)
Thorsten Soltau
Ulis (For MATHS, Beads, Erbe-Verb & Morphagene)


Seventh improvisation in a serie of ten.

›The morphagene is equipped with a 10 second sequence of humming. The MATHS unit controls grain size and slide parametres. One channel output of the Morphagene is fed into the Erbe-Verb for spatial reverb effects, the other into the Mutable Beads module for granular background noises. A slight tweak on the Beads output involves the QPAS unit for ringing overtones.‹

crvx. movie VIII (2021)
Thorsten Soltau
Haxho (For 0-CTRL, MATHS, Rings, Erbe-Verb & Morphagene)


Sixth improvisation in a serie of ten.

›The 0-CTRL/MATHS trigger the Mutable Instruments Rings unit in terms of pitch and brightness. A slight warble is inserted with a sinewave from Verbos Harmonic Oscillator modulating Rings‘ frequency. Rings is fed into the Mimeophone for further comb filtering and routed to the Erbe-Verb. The output of the Erbe-Verb is fed into an envelope generator and the Morphagene.

The recorded material on Morphagene is played continously and the start/end points changed by the envelope output. The 0-CTRL adds further variances by triggering absorption and decay parametres on the Erbe-Verb. The whole composition generates itself mainly autonomous.‹

crvx. movie VI (2021)
Thorsten Soltau
Graphite (For 0-CTRL, MATHS, Filter Bank & Morphagene)


Fifth improvisation in a serie of ten.

›The 0-CTRL triggers two pulses of MATHS in parallel. The combined signal of these pulses is routed to the filter bank and re-inserted in the modular system. The return channel is first fed into the spring reverb and routed to the Morphagene for some faint granular additions.

The whole changes in pulse speed/density and effects is derived from the envelope curve of the two pulse signals converted into audio. The whole composition generates itself mainly autonomous.‹

crvx. movie V (2021)
Thorsten Soltau
Kleine Etude (For Pulses, Spring Reverb & Gates)


Fourth improvisation in a serie of ten.

›One single pulse is modulated in speed and density by a sequencer. The pulse signal is routed into a equalizer with single frequency shifts adding overtones and resonances. The output is further enhanced by a filterbank and spring reverb. A granulated version of the output is fed into the feedback path of the reverb adding spectral ambiences.‹

crvx. movie IV (2021)
Thorsten Soltau
Shorelines (For Spoken Word & Modular System)

Dedicated to Lisa Kurcharski

Third improvisation in a serie of ten.

›A merely concert-related setup for the modular system. I improvise a listener piece which is fed into the filter and delay section of the modular. The effects are tweaked with one hand on the fly. The background is a slowed down whistling and sing song recorded on the granular unit and softened with the spring reverb.
This entire piece is dedicated to Lisa Kurcharski. Her music of half musique concrete, half spoken word is among the most beautiful I ever heard. She deserves way more recognition. Not only for her unique and intimate way of composing. Thank you for all dear Lisa!‹

crvx. movie III (2021)
Thorsten Soltau
Fungus Arch (For Tenori-On, Vocal Samples & Modular System)


Second improvisation in a serie of ten.

›The Tenori-On was used in ‚Bounce‘ mode, allowing notes and sequences to be played like jumping marbles. The Tenori is equipped with various chorale and solo voice vocal samples, some short in duration, others long (≈ 500 ms). The composition is routed to the modular system and treated live with equalizers and spatial delays. A second channel has the highpass audio routed to a filter bank/spring reverb allowing to add overtones to the mix.‹

crvx. movie II (2021)
Thorsten Soltau
Ivy (For Feedback, Modular System & Spring Reverb)


First improvisation in a serie of ten.

›This piece was composed with the help of a self oscillating patch. Play/replay into a spring reverb channel and careful tweaking with equalizer shaped the basic sound gradually. The harmonic iterations were created with a granular sampler triggered by the high pass filter of the feedback sound.‹