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This page collects older works with small descriptions and informations on the original release.
Streamable content is unabridged, please note the data size right to the run time of each compositions.
All tracks composed by Thorsten Soltau unless otherwise stated.


Q: Is it possible to purchase older works in physical / digital format?
A: All works displayed here belong to the pre-crvx. archives and are deleted in terms of digital availability.
Physical copies can sometimes still be obtained directly from publishers through outlets like bandcamp / discogs / bigcartel etc..

Q: Are there plans to reissue older material in the future?
A: There is no definitive answer to this request right now but there are plans to offer digital redux versions of previously released key albums.

Q: Can a sound portfolio be requested?
A: Yes. Please send a message via the contact form. The sound portfolio offers unedited / uncut versions of the compositions in 320kbps MP3 quality.

Thorsten Soltau
A Sheer For Fallen King
released on:
Susan Matthews & VA ›Strange Variations‹, 2018
4’48“ [mp3, 6,9 MB]

›Subtle nuances of teal-coloured drones with overlaid statics.
An exercise in minimalism yet rich of sonic details.‹

Thorsten Soltau
Brittle Like Seagrass Exposed To The Sun (Variation IV)
released on:
Thorsten Soltau & VA ›Rotoscopic Scenes [A Compilation]‹, 2018
12’53“ [mp3, 18,6 MB]

›Audible recreation of Norways fjord line.
An abundance of sonic images merged and arranged with Reichian shifts.‹

Nyaramos Flora
Erscheinungen, Siebter Teil
released on:
Thorsten Soltau & VA ›Neuwe Junge Arrogancz‹, 2016
1’49“ [mp3, 2,6 MB]

›Jittery granules evoking a choir of scratched violins and dense coils of vocalisms. Binaural feedbacks clustered around sine-y spectrals.‹

Marina Stewart
Flown Over (PapH Edit)
released on:
Marina Stewart ›Amends As Heresy‹, 2018
5’17“ [mp3, 7,6 MB]

References to old german folk tales.
Dark and treacherous with a hunger for gothic invocations

Thorsten Soltau
Shades (Slowgaze Mix)
released on:

Thorsten Soltau ›Cataloque Ov Debris‹, 2013
4’29“ [mp3, 6,5 MB]

›Nervous hissing of amplified machine hum set against downtempo pulses.
Borrowed music with an emphasis on speed alterations and irony.‹

Marina Stewart feat. Ophelim
released on:

Marina Stewart ›Kindness‹, 2019
22’00“ [mp3, 31,7 MB]

›Brittle sheets of reed organ and voice, intimate yet powerful.

White witchcraft captured by modern technology.‹

KTTU [5″ Theme]
released on:

Kettu ›Kettu‹, 2017
1’36“ [mp3, 2,3 MB]

›Joyful sounds from synthesizers taught to articulate themself.
Aesthetics of long lost memories recalled incorrectly.‹

Thorsten Soltau
Vessels Of Pitch, Staves Of Pine
released on:
Thorsten Soltau & VA
›Dales And Shores‹, 2018/2019
7’43“ [mp3, 11,1 MB]

›Distant echoes and murmuring reductions.
Elegant and floral with a slight turn to salty air.‹