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This page offers excerpts taken from older works with descriptions and informations about the original release.
Streamable content is unabridged, please note the data size right to the run time of each compositions.

All works displayed here belong to the pre-crvx. archives and are deleted in terms of digital availability.
Physical or digital versions of older material can however be obtained directly from publishers through outlets like bandcamp / discogs / bigcartel.

Thorsten Soltau
Theme From Les Zooriginaux
released on:
›pHlexing Furry‹, 2014
2’29“ [mp3, 6 MB]

›Fragments of childlike melodies interlocked in jarring patterns.
Evoking the spirit of a summer trapped away in photobooks.‹

Planet Steps
released on:
›Neuwe Junge Arrogancz‹, 2016
2’28“ [mp3, 6 MB]

Mourning synths parading in slow movement.
An ancient form of jazz albeit twisted and contorted.‹

P.R.O.S.A.C. (Lywwe Edit)
released on:
›P.R.O.S.A.C.‹, 2018
3’51“ [mp3, 9 MB]

Sound cutting through molasse and gravel.
Techno hedonism filtered through the viewpoint of society.‹

Marina Stewart
Draped In The Satin Curtains Of Versailles
released on:
›Amends As Heresy‹, 2018
4’38“ [mp3, 11 MB]

Reassembled structures of 1980s love songs drenched in cavernous reverb.
Faint echoes of clichée-like darkness

Thorsten Soltau & Philippe Nore
released on:

›Bear Me Up (Replet)/Cardiac (Remix)‹, 2014
4’10“ [mp3, 10 MB]

›Scene of a man being chased by unseen assassins.
Brooding and spectral, dangerous and threatening.‹

Thorsten Soltau
Percevalis (Marina Stewart Remix)
released on:

›An Unsteady Light‹, 2019
5’19“ [mp3, 12 MB]

›Devices playing music in absence of their owners.

Technology on the edge of self-interpretation.‹

Marina Stewart vs Teknologij Wark
Maternal Lysergix
released on:

›Arkaestrela [A Mix]‹, 2019
7’51“ [mp3, 18 MB]

›Light and darkness casted upon a layer of liquified lead.
Corrosive and acidic basslines plus a droning hull of synths.‹

Thorsten Soltau
Copa-Cabane-Dossier (For Jan Jelinek)
released on:
›Drei Re/miniscencen (Live @ Kegelbahn Luzern)‹, 2016
4’54“ [mp3, 11 MB]

›Dub signals buried between the debris of mispressed records.
Moths around a slowly blinking red light.‹