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Two crows among a field with autumnal leafs.




cr.onology: 2022 – 2012


CYLAND Media Art Lab

presents the International Media Art Festival CYFEST-15
Deering Estate, Miami [USA]
1st December 2023–3rd January 2024
Music from the CYLAND Audio Archive by Max Kuiper/Thorsten Soltau & various artists


Quinten Dierick, Leonie Roessler & De Groen
The Vault
Collectie de Groen / Fine Art Collection, Arnhem [NL]
4th March 2022–22nd May 2022

Music composed by Les Horribles Travailleurs/Modelbau/Thorsten Soltau


Francisco López
Audiosphere: Social Experimental Audio, Pre- and Post-Internet
Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid [ESP]
14th October 2020–15th February 2021

mise_en_scene & Thorsten Soltau, Contures Of Leafs (Version II ›Mind Snare‹) (m.m label, 2009)
Thorsten Soltau, Grün Wie Milch (Excerpt) (Corvo Records, 2011)

Radio plays


Johannes Mayr/Birgit Kempker/Anatol Atonal
Anwesenheit tut nichts zur Sache
(SRF 2017; 41’50“) [CH]
Music composed by Thorsten Soltau (Chapter ›Beim Büsiater‹)


Claude Pierre Salmony
Franz Kafka: Beschreibung eines Kampfes
(SRF 2013; 61’13“ and 55’28“) [CH]
Music composed by Thorsten Soltau/Jannik Giger/Giovanni Di Stefano



Susan Matthews/Tessa Holly
The Red Cave Project (animation; visual collage)

A collaborative audio/visual project by Susan Matthews and Tessa Holly.

Spoken word contribution by Thorsten Soltau.

Vika Ilyushkina
Cat Dreams (video, 3’37“ and 7’33“)
Part of the exhibition Sostenibilart Project
Ca‘ Foscari Zattere / Cultural Flow Zone [IT]
conceived by the Centre for Studies in Russian Art and CYLAND MediaArtLab
20th April 2022–24th June 2022

Thorsten Soltau, Zwart, Wit En Grijs (Edit) (Cyland Audio Archive, 2017)
Thorsten Soltau & Max Kuiper, Mikrophagie II: Funeral (Black Banderole) (Edit) (Cyland Audio Archive, 2014)
Thorsten Soltau & Max Kuiper, Dance Of The Formants (Edit) (Cyland Audio Archive, 2017)


John Ihlo
Speedpaintings (animation; visual collage)
Music: Thorsten Soltau, Plaids [Original Soundtrack] (2021)


Simone Rueß
Złoty Tarasy (animation, 3’05“; loop)
Galeria Le Guern, Warszawa [PL]
24th March–19th May 2012
Music: Thorsten Soltau, Grün Wie Milch (Excerpt) (Corvo Records, 2011)