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Francisco López
Audiosphere: Social Experimental Audio, Pre- and Post-Internet
Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid [ESP]
14th October 2020–14th January 2021

Two compositions were chosen for this exhibition:

mise_en_scene & Thorsten Soltau
Contures Of Leafs (Version II ‘Mind Snare’)
(m.m label, 2009)

Thorsten Soltau
Grün Wie Milch [excerpt]
(Corvo Records, 2011)

More information on the exhibition here.
The catalogue for the exhibition can be accessed here.

Radio plays

Johannes Mayr/Birgit Kempker/Anatol Atonal
Anwesenheit tut nichts zur Sache
(SRF 2017; 41’50”) [CH]

Music: Thorsten Soltau (for the chapter “Beim Büsiater”)

Claude Pierre Salmony
Franz Kafka: Beschreibung eines Kampfes
(SRF 2013; 61’13″/55’28”) [CH]

Music: Thorsten Soltau/Jannik Giger/Giovanni Di Stefano


Simone Rueß
Złoty Tarasy (animation, 3’05”; loop)
Galeria Le Guern, Warszawa [PL]
24th March–19th May 2012

Music: Thorsten Soltau, Grün Wie Milch [excerpt] (Corvo Records, 2011)