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This page offers the latest informations and news regarding the work of Thorsten Soltau.

As this page contains entries in chronological order we kindly ask you to scroll down for the latest news.

New release: Acker Und Seche


The renowned Cologne based label aufabwegen has released the collaborative album Acker Und Seche by EMERGE, RLW and Thorsten Soltau.

The CD comes as a limited edition CD with 200 copies in full colour Ecopack sleeve. The complete sleeve is adorned with commissioned artwork by Dan Penschuck (feindesign).

You can buy the album via these outlets:

a-musik [GER]
Anost [GER]
aufabwegen [GER]
Going Underground [GER]
boomkat [UK]
Cold Spring [UK]
Juno Records [UK]


Vital Weekly [NL]

›Diligence And Tendency‹ boxset released


›Diligence And Tendency‹, a four tape boxset featuring unreleased archival work by Thorsten Soltau, has finally been released.

Physical copies are available via Morbus Gravis via Discogs.
Digital music can be purchased from Forced Nostalgia on bandcamp.

All artist copies are sold out; we ask you to order from the label directly.

Exclusive piece by Thorsten Soltau.


Thorsten Soltau has submitted an exclusive electroacoustic composition to Geräuschmanufaktur’s digital Advent Calendar.

The piece ›Baptized On Christmas‹ was released on 22nd December and is available for free download.

The page will publish one piece of Geräuschmanufaktur-related artists each day until Christmas Eve. The calendar features a wide and varied mix of different sounds, ranging from fieldrecordings to ambient soundscapes, noise and experimental compositions.

New rework for Siegmar Fricke by Marina Stewart.


Siegmar Fricke has released a compilation of unreleased tracks recorded and produced in 1995. ›Physical Modelling‹ spans seven unheard cues from the archive.

Regarding his recognition as a crafter of sampledelica these tracks showcase a mature and technically sophisticated approach towards electronica not too far from his later sonic explorations as Pharmakustik. Utilizing midi-controlled equipment and sampling, the album leaves the path of the previous light-hearted production characteristics.
Tracks like ›Monokuliert‹ or ›Cryoglide‹ inhabit a modernist feeling for 1995, closer to the irregular patterns of Warp attachés LFO or the zig zag techniques developed by Detroits Dopplereffekt.

›Physical Modelling‹ was carefully restored and remastered from the original 4-track master at Pharmakustik-Studio. As a bonus, Pharmakustik and Marina Stewart reworked two cues from the album. Diving into Zeitgeist experimentalism, the remixes update the already futuristic character of the originals to modern standards.

The album was released on 9th January and is available for download on Bandcamp.

Work on Fangs And Feathers started.


Thorsten Soltau started to work on his upcoming documentary Fangs And Feathers. The first shots have been made with more to follow during summer time. Edits and dubs are to follow during the second half of the year. The soundtrack spanning three interstices and two full-length compositions is conducted by Femurl.

Exclusive piece by Thorsten Soltau.


Thorsten Soltau & Niels Geybels have submitted an exclusive electroacoustic composition to Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.’s 100th release, First Rays & A Lasting Echo.

The piece ›Halo Arc‹ was released on 6th May and is available for free download among a total of 27 other tracks from label-related musicians.

A very limited physical edition spanning 3xCS is also available at the same page.