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Current: v4 [Summer 2022]

The name Lichter Raum refers to a room full of brightness; a place most suitable for creative tasks.
The title was a deliberate choice in the summer of 2006 – my studio work was bound to daytime while the night was spent on researches or listening sessions.
Around that time ›Lichter Raum‹ [v1] was just a windows computer tower plus a midprice set of headphones – my entry into music production then.

In 2008 I was able to upgrade the studio to [v2]. A digital audio recorder was bought and improved the sound quality of sources immediately. Flea market synthesizers and cheap samplers gave me further possibilities to tweak and manipulate sounds. Still the whole equipment could be placed on a regular-sized desk – a small size apparatus. For many years I was creating space for music between office papers and studio equipment.

In 2020 (and with the advantage of an own house with plenty of room) the most sophisticated incarnation of ›Lichter Raum‹ saw the light of day [v3]. Proper furniture for equipment was build; extra space was left in the planning, to expand with future systems and updates. The studio resembles a square – everything is in reach of hand. While sitting I am surrounded by periphery and hardware to the left, right and front. On the opposite side of the room a cosy place with book table and lounge chairs invites for breaks and listening sessions.

In the summer of 2022 mostly minimal technical updated were made for [v4]. A modular desk was installed between the monitor system. The computer/DAW sits to the right now. This enables for live improvisation plus mastering without the need to switch places.


Adam Audio A3X Active Studio Monitor System

Roland Duo-Capture Ex USB Audio Interface (24bit)

Tascam DR-05 Digital Audio Recorder

beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Closed Studio Headphones

Apple MacBook Pro (Mid 2012)

Push 1


Ableton Live + Max For Live 11


15 string kanteel (custom modell)


Joyo JGE-01 E-Bow

various flutes (wood / bone)



Argeïphontes Lyre


hardware (effects / instruments).

Modular system (modules by Make Noise; Doepfer; Mutable Instruments; Intellijel; Befaco; TipTop Audio; 2hp and Instruō)

Dynacord Echocord mini tape delay

Yamaha Tenori On TNR-O