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Thorsten Soltau on Discogs | Instagram

From 2009 til 2010 Thorsten Soltau edited the online music review source ›aemag‹.
The magazine focused on releases within the experimental and electronic realm.
It was published monthly on a now defunct social network platform called VIRB.
A comprehensive and slightly edited digital bundle of all issues (in german language only) can be viewed here: [pdf, 851 kB]

Partners | collaborators

amphiprion [Bandcamp | Soundcloud | YouTube]
Asmus Tietchens [Website]
Quinten Dierick [Bandcamp | Website]
Stefan Ebinger [Website]
EMERGE [Bandcamp | Website]

E|S|O – Erstes Internationales Eierschneiderorchester [Website]
Herr Penschuck [Website]
Johnny Kitten | John Ihlo [Instagram | Website]
Max Kuiper | Les Horribles Travailleurs [Bandcamp]
Rainier Lericolais [Bandcamp]

Susan Matthews [Bandcamp]
Pas Musique [Website]
Stephanie Müller | Mediendienst Leistungshölle [Website]
RLW [Website]
Astrid Susanna Schulz [Instagram | Website]

The Dead Mauriacs [Bandcamp]
Rutger Zuydervelt | Machinefabriek [Bandcamp | Design Portfolio]

Associated Galleries | cultural institutions | collectives

Elgaland-Vargaland [Website]
Collectie de Groen | Fine Art Collection [Website]
Fetishism In Sound [Bandcamp]
Galeria Le Guern [Website]
Galerie Sonja Wachter [Website]

Hörbar Hamburg [Website]
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía [Website]
SRF [Website]

Associated labels

Alrealon Musique [Bandcamp]
Attenuation Circuit [Bandcamp]
Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere. [Bandcamp | Website]
aufabwegen [Bandcamp | Website]
corvo records [Bandcamp | Website]

Drone Records [Website]
Cyland Audio Archive [Bandcamp]
electroton [Bandcamp]
Forced Nostalgia [Bandcamp]
Geräuschmanufaktur [Bandcamp]

I Had An Accident Records [Bandcamp]
L’Art Pénultième [Website]
Park70 [Bandcamp]
Psych.KG [Website]
Sentimental Productions [Bandcamp]

Siren Wire [Website]
Sinneslöschen [Bandcamp]

Recommended Streams | web radio

Cosmogol999 [FR]
Drop_Out [GER]
electro-space [GER]
Lost And Found Sounds [AU]
Margitt Holzt / Unknown Singing Objects [GER]
MuhMur Radio Broadcast [UK]

Recommended publishers

Edition Mahlstrom [GER]
Review of ›Ferne Ziele‹ by Bernd Kistenmacher: [pdf, 815 kB]

Halvmall [GER]
Review of ›Der Sound der Jahre‹ by Jan Reetze: [pdf, 1 MB]

Review of ›Die Geschichte
von Kraftwerks »Autobahn«‹ by Jan Reetze: [pdf, 520 kB]

Wolke Verlag [GER]
Review of ›Radio Cologne Sound‹ by Harry Vogt/Martina Seeber: [pdf, 453 kB]

Verlag Andreas Reiffer [GER]
Review of ›Klaus Nomi – Stimme im Orbit by Monika Hempel: [pdf, 1 MB]